Friday, 23 July 2010

Triumphalist Orange Order Parade in Ardoyne

According to many within the Protestant and Unionist community, Loyal Order parades do not take place in a triumphalist manner.....?

Does the behaviour of those on the above video not seem extremely triumphalist? The reality is that Greater Ardoyne residents are forced to put-up with regular 'cultural' parades. Local families must also endure being hemmed into their homes and streets by thousands of riot-clad and hostile paramilitary Police. Heavily armed with assault rifles, large batons, plastic bullets guns and a number of water-cannons.

When will the Clergy, Politicans and Community Leaders who claim to represent the Greater Ardoyne area stand behind local residents and end these parades?

When will Unionists end the pretense that these parades are not secterian?

While those outlined above hesitate and refuse to properly engage with greater Ardoyne residents, GARC will continue to speak on behalf of those in our community whose voices have been ignored for too long!

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