Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Greater Ardoyne Residents Collective (GARC) Spokesman; Paul Carson has spoken of GARC’s disappointment that the discredited Parades Commission will continue to administer sectarian parades.

‘In light of the Orange Order’s authority over Stormont Politicians, Tory Minister, Owen Paterson has announced the Parades Commission will continue to rule on sectarian marches.

Regardless of, the legitimate wishes of the majority of Greater Ardoyne residents being strongly opposed to bigoted parades. Every decision made by the Commission in respect of Ardoyne have completely ignored and disrespected our community. Its rulings have regularly created tensions between local communities as well as, a vacuum, where riots are inevitable.

As such, local people have absolutely no confidence that the Parades Quango will tackle the Loyal Orders who insist on marching where they are clearly not welcome.

Given the lack of certainty surrounding sectarian parades through Greater Ardoyne, GARC call upon residents, community and political groups to unite, discuss and formalise plans for a collective response to next year’s marching season’.

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