Wednesday 30 March 2011

GARC Respond To CARA and North/West Belfast Parades Forum Talks


Regardless of how many meetings C.A.R.A. and the North/West Belfast Parades Forum have now and in the future. They are meaningless without the consent and approval of the greater number of Ardoyne residents. As C.A.R.A. do not represent the majority of residents in this community.

A substantive survey was conducted by the Greater Ardoyne Residents Collective (GARC) towards the end of 2009, in which the majority of local residents clearly stated that Loyal Order Parades were not welcome through our community. The findings of this survey has been ignored by C.A.R.A., the North/West Parades Forum and a number of political Parties because of political agendas.

Without taking our survey into account and addressing the concerns of ALL residents in the Greater Ardoyne community. C.A.R.A. do not have the right to reach an accomadation with those who insist on marching where they are not welcome!

As part of those serious concerns, GARC will continue to peacefully oppose unwelcome sectarian marches through Ardoyne.

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