Sunday, 22 August 2010

Ardoyne Black Preceptory March

 RUC/PSNI Curfew in Ardoyne

Amid ongoing community tension, arrests and Court appearances of local residents relating to the Twelfth protest and subsequent riots. The hugely discredited Parades Commission has ‘ruled’ on yet another Loyal Order march through the Greater Ardoyne area for this coming Saturday, 28 August.

In its insensitive determination, the Commission claimed it ‘considered the needs of the community and the rights of the individual’. It apparently imposed a number of ‘restrictions’ on the organisers, band and supporters. However, it again failed to determine that local residents do not want sectarian parades through the area.

Sectarian Bigots 'on parade' in Ardoyne

Instead it has permitted the Black Preceptory No 210 Redcross, another exclusively Protestant and Anti-Catholic, Nationalist and Republican organisation to march through a predominately Catholic, Nationalist and Republican community.

Despite repeated pleas from Residents, Clergy and Politicians this sectarian society is ‘allowed’ to ‘parade’ through Greater Ardoyne! Local people do not welcome nor want bigots in our area.

Protestant 'culture & heritage' in Ardoyne

In response to this inconsiderate determination, the Greater Ardoyne Residents Collective (G.A.R.C.) will again take to the streets in opposition and ask our protesters to do so in a peaceful and dignified manner.

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