Saturday, 28 August 2010

GARC Responds to Unwelcome Black Preceptory March

Earlier this week, G.A.R.C. demanded the Black Preceptory and Pride of Ardoyne Flute Band reroute their unwelcome march away from Greater Ardoyne. We also said, if they refused our Collective would peacefully block the Crumlin Road and prevent today’s sectarian parade.

Since G.A.R.C.’s formation, we have articulated the wishes of the vast majority of Greater Ardoyne residents, outlined a viable alternative route, and sought meaningful dialogue to address unwanted parades.

Therefore, in a bid to boost dialogue the Greater Ardoyne Residents Collective has collectively agreed to SUSPEND our planned protest, at the eleventh hour.

G.A.R.C. urge the Loyal Orders to use the months ahead to properly engage with local residents and help resolve contentious marches through Greater Ardoyne.

Our door is open....


  1. The reason yesterday's protest was called off was to enable proper series of negotiations within and beyond Greater Ardoyne Tom.

    As for people being drunk, local residents regularly witness drunken bigots marching alongside sectarian socities like the Orange Order through Ardoyne, is that who your'e talking about?

    Regards Martin, yeah he's that much of a fool that the PSNI spent millions this past year policing Loyal Order parades past Ardoyne!

    As for 'that Taxi firm', he's not sure about you mean but it's okay because you seem to know....Amadan Mhor!

  2. This island mist and mystic blend of time.

    Torn by bloodlust for religious power.

    Power wedded by Norman and Tudor Horde.

    A dance set in new time to ease their desires.

    Footsteps a heavy thud upon our graves.

    An island once a dream.

    Now trampled by the leaded heels of malice themes.

    We now old before our time find this dream, is just a dream within a dream.

    We different in so many ways.

    Fate decided not by where we are born but by the shabby empire served.

    The die caste hand of fate leads in its own cold way.

    Allowing others reason to comply.

    Honour blinded by prejudices carried by small large hurts of desire.

    Therefore indifference must occur.

    This crazy world of rights and wrongs.

    Dictates of families, politics for empires to endure.

    To allow the theory of chaos to assist the 'Horsemen' in their everlasting brooding tasks.

    Time to awaken to witness what has gone.

    The sorrowful events and history have passed replaced with stepping-stones and wished for bridges to pave the way.

    The people of the Islands still different in many ways ponder to find understanding to their own thoughts and ways.

    They with gracious intent lead with honest hearts.

    Undermined by a vicious belief dressed as sheep in wolfs clothing.

    The lust for power and blood salivating from its carnivorous grave.

    Hidden under a mask of righteousness as from times before.

    This evil just as cruel with intent as any.

    Veiled under false modesty and purchased collar dictate from the sands of time.

    Determined in its will to destroy and undermine goodness and free will.

    This lesson learned and carried by a son of ‘Connell’.

    Let us not fail our destiny to listen and fall to the masons of mistruth.

    Allowing their corrupted views to visit our future and cloud our dreams of peace.

    Time will hopefully come when the masters of deceit will fall to the hand of fate.

    Neil Doyle O’Donnell.